Welcome to Ferry Lane Market

Well this was a treat of a book ❤
Ferry Lane Market is the new setting for @author_nicola ‘s newest series.
And what a setting it is! Purely gorgeous. I got the privelage of being in Cornwall in person recently and must say, it’s my new obsession.

Here we have the very lovely Kara Moon. So beautiful in ways she doesnt even know.
This is her story and every one involved in this busy little market town in Hartmouth.

This was so easy to read, I would find myself settling into it and before I knew it, the half way mark was there!
Kara has been stung badly by love. Here is her happy ever after… or is it?

What I loved most about this, is the love between family members, I shed a little tear towards the end too. Very touching, seriously delicious, and worth investing in ❤❤❤.

….’you would encounter a variety of people; some for reason, some for a season, and some for a lifetime…’


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One Last Question

This felt like an American Pie reunion, 30yrs later! With a dark streak running below the surface! I enjoyed the introduction to the group of friends, lost some interest somewhere in the middle – but when it all came together at the end I saw that every chapter was needed. My eyes watered and a lump formed in my throat at the revelations at the end. Very powerful indeed.

When the group of men get together for their annual trip, (minus Will) they don’t think for one moment that this will be the last time they will probably ever be in the same room as one another, let alone on the same weekend break.

Wills’ famous game of Brainmelter has been organised from beyond the grave. They are about to find out things about their lifelong friends that they never dreamed of!

An enjoyable read over all. Sitting comfortably between a soft thriller and contemporary fiction, with a whole lot of humour. And a touching message thoughout.

The Rule

The Rule review 

This took me a while to get my head around, but only because I’m currently going through a phase of wanting to read them Nice happy books 

But winning this proof copy from @viper.books spured me on to read it asap.

Once my head was in it, I could really appreciate the perfect balance between utter horrific and an underlying humour!

There is a great character in this story, Daniel, the son of Scott and Gemma. He is by far, the best thing about the story. Daniel is sincere, he’s polite, he is truthful, he is sweet and loveable. Oh, and he is a killer! 

There are coincidences in every way possible, but with an open mind, this is not a problem.  In fact, the more bazaar it got at the end, the more I loved it!
What an action packed last 3 pages!

Quirky, shambolic and should come with a warning. All in the best way possible!

Glad I read it 珞 

3 stars for me 

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The Lies We Tell

Review 朗

I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would. I think, once I had it in my head it wasn’t a hard core thriller, and more of a domestic family drama kinda thing – it made the whole experience more enjoyable personally.

The crime that is committed right at the beginning is a kind of focus, but I really liked the engagement between the two main characters Tom and Sarah more.

The dynamic between this married couple is so odd, yet alluring to read about.
We get such a clear vision of their strange married life and how they came as one.

Their relationship poses many questions, but the major one is ‘what happens if you marry the wrong person?’
I feel there are many many signs that these two should not be together – but then again, just because things go wrong, and end up very different at the end, are they the  wrong person for you? Or have they added that little ‘extra’ into your life in the long run?

I really invested into these thoughts and could disect them for hours.

But back to the main plot, and how a parent would do anything to protect their child who commits a crime. What if both parents dont agree on what’s best?

I saw this as a much deeper story than the  first impressions I got from the ‘look’ and blurb of the book.

Four stars for me 朗朗朗朗

Thank you @vikingbooksuk @adventureswithwords for my review copy. I will read more from this Author. 

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Arlington Terrace

Blog Tour spot 

Thank you @rachelsrandomresources once again for getting this book out to me very early on.

This is the second in a series, it follows Gordon Square which I really enjoyed.
In Gordon Square, we did get a typical crime thriller – and this was so very quick and pacey.
In Arlington Terrace, we get more of a psychological thriller, and I really liked how it all came together, and how much it played with my thinking!

As this book connects heavily to Gordon Square, I would highly recommend that is read first.

I enjoyed the crazy twists here, loved delving deeper into the detectives’Mel and Mikes’ lives from the previous book.
I thought I worked it out, but I had not. I challenge anyone to get it right 

Read this book for great twists, a cast of great characters, and a mind boggling experience.

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The Loch

I love anything to do with the Loch Ness monster 秊秊秊 so when I saw this in my emails, I jumped at it!

That artwork is so pleasing to the eye 朗

Now, the story!…. well, this was an unexpected tragic love story!
I did not expect saucy love scenes, and in contrast – uncomfortable degrading sexual scenes, in this book!

But I did enjoy it, and these scenes added to the surprising atmosphere surrounding the characters.

Tina is the star of the show in my opinion, shes a great character! But the way she is treated is horrible .

So a team of misfits enter an exciting journey to discover the truth about Nessie 秊 but become obsessed with some rumoured treasure, that will end up in chaos and tragedy for all involved.

Thank you @annecater14  #randomthingstours  for organising this blog tour and for my review copy #blogtour #theloch #review #bookreview #bookworm #mybooks #book #reader #bookblogger #reading #lovebooks #bookishcontent


Hello book community ❤ this morning I’m sharing with you, my thoughts on this book. Vanished, by James Delargy.

This is my first read by the author and I’d really like to read more.

The Kane family are on the run. From what we don’t know.

Mum, dad and little Dylan land in the dead town of Kallayee, somewhere in the depth of the Victoria desert down under.

At first I was quite (pleasantly) confused as I thought I’d stumbled upon a horror as oppose to a thriller.
I felt evil vibes come off of the father Lorcan!
When they first arrive at the town and explore the run down house they are about to make a home, I thought Lorcan was turning a bit crazy. Somehow I began to imagine him as Jack Torrance from The Shining! I think it was his mad demeanour and the fact he had brought his wife and young boy to a secluded spot and that he was writing. But this time is wasn’t snow but smothering heat!

It wasn’t long before it turned on its head and became the thriller I had been expecting.

The detective investigating the disappearance of all 3 family members has a story all of her own and I can imagine her life could be a book on its own.

I liked this, loved how it began, but it did slow down for me after those innitial 100

I love a book set in Australia, and this one had what I wanted, dangerous dingos, humid claustrophobic conditions, and a murder to solve.

Thank you @annecater14 for organising this #blogtour loved being part of it.

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The Dig Street Festival

Such a wild ride into the lives of 4 friends living in the fictional borough if Leytonstowe! This story has truth, feeling and tender relationships between 4 oddball characters.
I didn’t know what to make of either if the men, but decided not to think too much and just go with it, this made them o much easier to appreciate.
Think ‘A Little Life’ mixed with ‘only fools and horses’ I know that doesn’t really make sense but the love between these men was real and raw even if they made the strangest life choices.
There are layers to this story that cover so much. The author has a unique style, and can surely capture friendship and sense of community. His creative side doesn’t stop at the writing either, the photos inside the cover pages are all his own and provide a good feel of what is to come.
Fun, sweet, and warm. Worth a read!

Thank you #dampebbles for having me on the #blogtour #thedigstreetfestival


Backstories Review ‍♀️

This has been the most fun read! Not only have I enjoyed it, but Iv spent more time with the hubster…. this is us reading a couple of chapters together, Im reading, he’s googling!

So each short story is the voice of a character well known to the world. Each voice is captured brilliantly I must say.

I figured most out, but was very surprised with a couple after looking them up on the internet.

Honestly, I loved the guessing game, and the different styles of writing for each voice.

The best idea! This book is out now, to buy on Amazon  see if you know who these people are 

A big thank you to @simonvdvwriter for sending me this #arc copy for review. Loved it!

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The Winter’s fail

As soon as I saw this was being offered to read and review, I knew I hadto get involved.
After loving Parents and Teachers I had a feeling this would be another fabulous read.

I wasn’t wrong!

Again we were thrown into the world of big bucks, fashion and sex scandals.

The story focused on Emmy, Rosa and Stacey, all strong independent women, fighting for their men, their wealth  and their families.

My favorite story was the love story between Emmy and Jack, although I was expecting more friction between the Exes involved.

I really enjoy the way this author writes, all to the point and in parts, funny.

I recommend this to all who love a bit of raunchy, scandelous gossipy reads. Fun and fast.

I was so excited to read more from Astrid – my favorite character from #parentsandteachers

Thank you so much @annecater14 for my review copy.

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