Shhhhh…. don’t tell anyone I have a blanky at 37 yrs of age 藍… one with bunnies on it at that! It’s like I knew Id need it one day for this photo!…..
This is a quick haunting little read. The story is told from a father who has lost a child, he is broken. He’s so broken that he doesn’t even recognise himself anymore! Living in the house where his darling little baby died isn’t helping him. When he hears a strange dragging noise upstairs where the baby used to sleep, his world of horrors really open up. Nothing is ever the same again. I enjoyed this and could really feel the hairs on the back of my neck in parts. I recommend to all horror fans 100%  #blanky #kealanpatrickburke #horror #horrorbook #horrorcommunity #horrorfan #horrorreads #Bookcommunity #bookworm #darkread #spooky #spookyread #mybooks #review #bookreview 

His & Hers

I read this in a couple of sittings (ok… one of them took me into the night and finished 2am) but its one of those books that you just can’t leave on a cliff hanger! Every single chapter got me thinking allsorts and was always certain that I had worked it out. But I didnt… not until somewhere in the last 70 pages, and this, for me is where it lost half a star. Maybe its just me, but i was not satisfied with the outcome. However, I can’t rate is any less than 4 stars because it totaly sucked me in. The writing is clever and there is no way you can just read it leisurely. It needs to be taken in all in one go if possible. The juicy descriptions of some murder scenes are really done well! …. what’s it about? So right from  the start, we know there’s someone dangerous on the loose. We hear from them first and inbetween the ‘him and ‘her chapters. ‘Him’ is Jack the detective. ‘Her’ is Anna the tv journalist/newsreader. Both are connected to a violent murder, but both are working on the case. Nobody knows their connection. The narrative told from the ‘killers’ perspective is totaly clever, one minute you think its obvious who they are. Then the next your baffled. It has many layers. It’s fast sharp and quite creepy in parts. Loved it.  But that little revelation at the end… is questionable. Just my opinion. But 4.5 stars! 100% worth reading!
Other thoughts: a mix of girl on the train, meets rhiannon from Sweatpea, meets The Craft (film)! #his&hers #bookblogger #bookreview #bookblog #amreading #reader #readersofinstagram #book #hisandhers #fiction #thriller #psychologicalthriller #alicefeeney 

The Vanishing Half

The Vanishing Half….. this title could be interpreted in different ways. I saw it as a group of people who had a part of them they wanted to forget existed. Wether it be the colour skin they were born with, their gender or their status. It is a thought provoking read and at times uncomfortable. Despite the content,  it is an easy book to read due to good descriptive writing.  It includes a lot of characters and all carry some kind of secret or a heavy weight on their shoulders. I would have liked to delve into some of the characters back story a bit more, I feel there could be two seperate books for Early and and the twins, and for Jude and Reese. This book explores many racial issues and some of the terms used to discriminate a certain character really got my blood boiling and was appalled. An eye opener for sure. I do feel there were too many taboo topics in one space, I believe we need to be aware and active in our support for all individuals but I personally enjoy one at a time. My favorite parts were Reese’s story as he was going through so much, him and Jude were lovely together,  a rare tender love story. Great ideas, different from anything Iv ever read before. Thank you so very much for my #gifted copy @dialoguebooks and @tandemcollectiveuk #THEVANISHINGHALFReadalong #thevanishinghalf #readalong #hardback #harcover #boolstagram #igbooks #Blackauthor #author #book #novel #ilovebooks #bookreview #bookreviewer #bookblogger #review #mybooks #mybooklife #bookish #bookcommunity #amreading #reader #vanishinghalf #booksandI

Call me Joe

Call Me Joe is many things, it is an outlook on life, it is the return of Jesus to Earth, it is a love story. I enjoyed the language it was written, and it did remind me in part, of our Holy Bible. I often ask myself if I am religious, and every so often, things happen in life that make me think I am. This book is one of those things, and I must admit that I floated away into my own world in between chapters and spent many hours wondering and worrying about the state of the world we live in and what would happen if it all ended one day. Yes – this for me is the wrong time to be reading an apocalyptic book! The characters in the book were somewhat naïve I think, but I questioned myself – how would we respond to such situations. Sophie is the chosen one it would seem, and when Joe the son of god first enters her life, she instantly becomes besotted. I thought it clever that the twelve world leaders would be portrayed as the twelve apostles – and particularly when, somewhere at the end, they meet for one last supper with Joe! An entertaining book, with deep meanings and powerful talking points. Ideal for a buddy read if your thinking of reading it. #callmejoe #reddoorpress @reddoorpress #gifted #bookreview Thank you so much for my gifted copy.

You don’t know me

Here is my review of #youdontknowme by #sarahfoster ……… Thank you for my #gifted copy @legendpress
This was sexier than I thought it would be, two young Australians  meet in Thailand on the off chance and fall head over heels. Both have secrets from their pasts and now it looks like they might come back to kick them on the teeth. Noah and Alice must part ways to see to their dark pasts, but will they ever return to one another? After all its true love. ….
This for me was a quick little read, the twist at the end wasn’t one I saw coming but i would have liked to know more about it. The ‘bad guys ‘ in the book were written well and I enjoyed reading about them. The very last page was really good, it ended how I wanted it to go. A quick thriller read with some hot scenes and a well hidden twist. #bookblogger #bookreview #bookstagram #bookworm #bookcommunity #amreading #bookblog #review #reviewer #reader #book #singlebookshare #readingcommunity #bookish #booknerd

A dazzle of poplars

3A dazzle of poplars is not what it first seems. This begins as a simple, lovely straight forward story of a young artist who inherits a beautiful cottage. Kate’s first impression of her new home could not be better, it has everything she needs. Quiet, beauty and kind neighbours. I loved how right at the beginning the story takes a little eerie turn. With hints of shadows in the woods and figures in Windows I thought to myself this was turning into a bit of a haunted house story. Soon though, as new characters are introduced,  the story takes yet another turn. This time, more dark in nature. Kate finds herself mixed up with a violent situation in the local town. I enjoyed the varied tones of the book, the romantic element was great and wasn’t overly done. My favorite parts were the eerie bits every now and again.  I would say this is a great story for anyone who enjoys a bit of art culture,  some spooky vibes, a heavy dark take on violence and a splash of romance to lighten the mood. It literally had it all. I was #gifted this copy by @cranthorpmillnerpublishers for an honest review.  #cranthorpmillnerpublishers #bookblogger #review #cmpublishers

A long way off.

A recent good read! Only 124 pages.. but packed with goodness. A must read!

I went into this little novella blind. Its the best way I think. It felt like I read it for 5 minutes, but learnt so much. So Marc is a lost soul, he’s given up on life as he knows it. He ups, and leaves. Taking with him his odd little cat… and even odder’ daughter Anne. They embark on a rather strange journey, and come to a shocking and blunt end to their adventure. This story is told with a sharp tongue, I loved the quick and short narrative but it did leave me wanting so much more! Witty and uncrontrolable language that Made me read the lines twice at times. Enjoyed it! A must read for anyone wanting something quirky and different. Thank you @gallicbooks for my gifted copy. Once again, Iv come across something unique…. #gifted #bookblogger #bookreviewer

Trust in you by Julia Firlotte

Now, this book has surprised me in many ways. It may be because of the cirrent situation we find ourselves in at the moment or that I have a hidden desire for such saucy stories! Whatever it is… this book took me to another world entirely. Not just your average first love drama… oh no, a dark tangle of lies and shocking revelations twist within young Ellas’ new world. Little did she know, that moving to the US from the UK would not only mean a new life, but whole other story. As soon as we meet Adam, we as a reader fall for him alongside Ella (well i did anyway )and an opening of trouble follows. A great book to get sucked into, I can’t wait to read ‘believe in me’ next.
I was kindly sent this copy by @rachelsrandomresources and am on the blog tour today.. #review #bookreview #bookworm #blogtour #bookblogger #trustinyou #romance #darkromance #fiction #thrillerromance #love #booklove #bookgeek #bookish #singlebookshare

Blood on the tyne

#giftedbook #honestreview Thank you @damppebbles for my copy
This is a quick fast paced read for all crime thriller fans! Its the first in series and here we meet Rosie the club singer for the first time. She’s a quirky and ballsy little character, and I liked her from the first chapter.
We are thrown right to the action at the beginning where a young woman’s body is found in a club. Soon after… more follow! A murder mystery at its best, and everyone and anyone is a suspect. Being back in Geordie land, Rosie can’t help but feel the need to investigate into the murders herself.. some victims she knows personaly. Her relationship with the detective is one to look out for in future books I think! A great tie up at the end. Must read for crime fans  #crimefiction #damppebbles #bookblog #blogger #bookworm #bookstagram #review #gifted #fiction #booknerd #amreading

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