A Waltz with the outspoken Governess

Miss Smith is the oldest girl at her school. She doesn’t fit in, she’s curious about the world, and questions her place within it. Her papa is unwell, and unable to pay further fees for her schooling, Miss Smith, Mary, starts to look for a way to make an income.
Mary finally catches a break, she is offered the role of governess for the nieces and nephews of the respected Sir Nicholas Denny over in his estate in Norfolk.
Mary tries hard not to let her true self show. People have tended not to take to her outspoken ways. But its only so long one can keep up the act. Nicholas very quickly sees through to Mary’s true identity- but it is far from dislike he sees.
I enjoyed reading something set in a time so long ago. It really captures the difference in how a woman would live her life these days, compared to the 1800s.
The descriptions of the fashion they all wore really interested me, and I could visualise such grande scenes.
A great flow to the writing, old fashioned in the best way.
Im glad we are more like Miss Smith these days and say exactly what we want to say and more importantly, be respected for it. Id like to thank Rachel at #rachelsrandomrecourses for my copy #gifted #blogtour

The Water’s Edge

When I received an email about this book, I was very intrigued,  and felt it was time to try something a little different.

And different is what I got!

This is the first of a series of erotic fiction books, following the sexual affair between Claudia and Jack.
If you love to read about sex and it’s many pleasures,  you will love it as its full of it .
Im glad I tried it, I did read it in a day, although that was more because I felt overwhelmed with it and didn’t want to be reading it all weekend.

I found it strange that Claudia’s children were refered to as ‘the child’ or ‘son’ and ‘daughter ‘ and never by name.  But came to the conclusion that was because this is solely about her sexual relationship with men and herself as a person,  and not a book about families or her as a mother.

The Orgy chapter was the only one I felt a little bit out if my depth  but,  Im fully aware what I was going into when agreeing to read amd review this. Worth a go if you dare 

Thank you so much @lovebookstours

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Forgive Me

This book explores ‘forgiveness’ very well. I often wonder how some people from high profile criminal cases  forgive their attackers/murderers…

What was odd about this story  was the cold, and faraway feel of all the characters.  None seemed close to my heart, they just felt like strangers even at the end. This may be deliberate considering the themes within the book?

I dont have a favorite character,  but I do have favorite chapters… these are the ones of Archie’s letters to his mystery receiver. These letters were cleverly crafted, and gave the book the excitement and wonder it needed.

A family suspense drama, with a plot to make you think. Forgiveness is a skill in itself, not sure I could always do the right thing in the same situation as this.

Thank you for #gifting me this lovely #hardback for my spot on the #blogtour today @annecater14 #randomthingstours

Parents and Teachers

I enjoyed this one so much more than I thought I would. I’m not a teacher or a parent  and this is definitely NOT a guide to being neither .

What a fun  and naughty little read! Lots of characters to get to grips with, but once I git used to them all, I couldn’t put it down.

There are two expensive,  high end schools. Connected by the parents. There’s a cheeky  hot young PE teacher in one, and a quiet  but beatiful teacher in the other. Their lives collide after a scandalous affair that affects both schools.

You have 4 main stories running through the book, and the perspective of Callum, Astrid, Jenna and Natalia. All were very addictive, but my favorite was Astrid and how she handled her men!!

My only disappointment was the epilogue. I won’t  spoil it for others, for I didn’t feel it was at all needed. Sometimes a book is just a book, a story to indulge in,  and I saw this as just that. Current affairs could have been missed out in my opinion.

But other than that, Loved it! 

Thank you @annecater14 for #gifting me this fun book. I want more from this author! ❤.

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Into The Void

A great debut! True to life characters and an exciting plot.

Into The Void was a quick little read at 160 pages.
This fast crime story has all the things you want in a mystery. A missing cheating husband, some rule breaking kids and a detective with wife issues!

I liked it a lot, and the detective was very lovable. There were times my mind was much more sinister than the actual plot – I kept twisting things in my head to make it more shocking.

Despite the fact I saw the end coming, It didn’t take away my enjoyment. For a debut this is very promising.

When Richard Harper goes missing, his secret life comes crashing down. Things begin to make sense to his poorly wife, who’s living through the nightmare of cancer treatment. Detective Archie much put his own trouble to one side, and find where this man is! Because his secret girlfriend has now been murdered!

Thank you so much to @rachelsrandomresources for my copy to review. An author to look out for.

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Voodoo Heart

All fans of Weird and bonkers… look this way!!
This book was great, I thoroughly enjoyed. From strange spells to creepy snake action, this story has it all. I can imagine it being a really fun halloween film.

The story is set in New Orleans, and from the beginning, it is clear that Detective Ribaud isn’t dealing with the average serial killer.
Lovers, partners, husbands and wives are waking up to find their other halves gone,  but in their place, lays their bloody hearts and a spread of blood.

Ribald soon realises that this is an act of black magic… he turns to his witchy friends to investigate.

And boy…does he investigate!! Iv never known a detective to get so ‘involved’  The second half of the book got reallt dark and disturbing, I loved this bit more than anything. The descriptions of the spells and the witchy ceremonies were so clear in my mind they gave me nightmares.

Enjoyed this one a lot, especially the last 150 pages.
Thank you @annecater14 of organising the #blogtour  @flametreepress

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Diary of a Prison Officer – review

Its my turn to review this book today for @rachelsrandomresources #blogtour

Firstly,  how great is this cover? Simple, yet very eye catching.

‘….behind the walls of the women’s prison Amber is determined to prove that she has what it takes to become a tornado officer. She makes a pact with two close friends to support eachother no matter what. However, the three Black women struggle when they experience discrimination and disappointment at every turn….’

Here is Ambers’ very honest story, told in diary format of her life working in this high security prison. We see from her perspective,  how much of a struggle it is to work within these walls as a woman, and a Black woman especialy.
I would say this book explores friendship, attraction, racism and sexism. At times I would feel frustrated seeing how she and her friends were treated.

An important read. Very insightful. One I will keep going back to I think.

I especially enjoyed reading about Mr king 

Thank you so much for having me be a part of this tour.

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City Of Margins

If Tarantino wrote books…. this is what you would get! Im a sucker for a gangsta movie! And with pulp fiction being up there as one of my faves, I got those same vibes from City Of Margins.
I was also hooked on the Sopranos recently and It really helped with some of the language used in this book.

The first part concentrates on intriduction to the many characters. They all live in Brooklyn New York and at girdt it seems they have no connection. Soon though, it becomes apparent that what brings them together is crime  grief and violent pasts.

I loved Ava Bifulco, I thought she was the only character who showed genuine feelings. Falling fo Don Parascando was probably the last thing she needed, but it gave us the grit of this story and an insight into his character as well as Ava’s.

Enjoyed the quick sharp story telling here. I was right there with them, as even doing the ‘accents’. This is one world Id love to delve deeper into. I’m so intrigued by the lives of these people.

Small Sacrifices

This is a surprising and emotional read! I just wasn’t expecting it to go down the route that it did. But Im glad it did because it really did capture my interest.
Despite my initial  shock to the outcome of the story, I enjoyed the plot very much.

Ellen and Max are about to live through any parents worst nightmare when their little 5 year old son Joshua is taken from the garden.

This story explores how we change as people when money is no object. It begs the question, does wealth really matter if the one thing that you truly care for in your world, is gone?

A big lotto win equals a big loss

Loved the plot. Enjoyed the darker moments with the bad guys ‘

Detective India Greaves has her own story to tell inbetween solving crimes, her story interested me as well as the main plotline. 

All the words unspoken

Review …
Perfect title! This book was very frustrating at times. Kept wanting Maansi to open up and speak up.
But I also loved her,  bless her kind heart.
This is a story that tackles many difficult yet important topics, and does so very well I think.
I would describe it as part brokeback mountain and part east is east.
Maansi and Aryan are two young people, lost within their religion. A marriage is arranged for them and although this is not what Maansi really ever wanted, all things point to it being the best decision.
After uni, Maansi’s life changed rapidly. Getting to know her new husband proves difficult, and uncovering his past feels like torture to her already messed up head.
I felt so bad for her, but although major issues took over most of her life, I believe Maansi was a lot stronger than even she believed.
The last part of the story was mostly Aryans ‘…. I didn’t enjoy these parts too much, not the plot, but just the over detailed descriptions of his school days.
But it ends well, and leaves many questions that I feel is clever for a book like this.
I think Maansi is the true hero of the story.

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