Diary of a Prison Officer – review

Its my turn to review this book today for @rachelsrandomresources #blogtour

Firstly,  how great is this cover? Simple, yet very eye catching.

‘….behind the walls of the women’s prison Amber is determined to prove that she has what it takes to become a tornado officer. She makes a pact with two close friends to support eachother no matter what. However, the three Black women struggle when they experience discrimination and disappointment at every turn….’

Here is Ambers’ very honest story, told in diary format of her life working in this high security prison. We see from her perspective,  how much of a struggle it is to work within these walls as a woman, and a Black woman especialy.
I would say this book explores friendship, attraction, racism and sexism. At times I would feel frustrated seeing how she and her friends were treated.

An important read. Very insightful. One I will keep going back to I think.

I especially enjoyed reading about Mr king 

Thank you so much for having me be a part of this tour.

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City Of Margins

If Tarantino wrote books…. this is what you would get! Im a sucker for a gangsta movie! And with pulp fiction being up there as one of my faves, I got those same vibes from City Of Margins.
I was also hooked on the Sopranos recently and It really helped with some of the language used in this book.

The first part concentrates on intriduction to the many characters. They all live in Brooklyn New York and at girdt it seems they have no connection. Soon though, it becomes apparent that what brings them together is crime  grief and violent pasts.

I loved Ava Bifulco, I thought she was the only character who showed genuine feelings. Falling fo Don Parascando was probably the last thing she needed, but it gave us the grit of this story and an insight into his character as well as Ava’s.

Enjoyed the quick sharp story telling here. I was right there with them, as even doing the ‘accents’. This is one world Id love to delve deeper into. I’m so intrigued by the lives of these people.

Small Sacrifices

This is a surprising and emotional read! I just wasn’t expecting it to go down the route that it did. But Im glad it did because it really did capture my interest.
Despite my initial  shock to the outcome of the story, I enjoyed the plot very much.

Ellen and Max are about to live through any parents worst nightmare when their little 5 year old son Joshua is taken from the garden.

This story explores how we change as people when money is no object. It begs the question, does wealth really matter if the one thing that you truly care for in your world, is gone?

A big lotto win equals a big loss

Loved the plot. Enjoyed the darker moments with the bad guys ‘

Detective India Greaves has her own story to tell inbetween solving crimes, her story interested me as well as the main plotline. 

All the words unspoken

Review …
Perfect title! This book was very frustrating at times. Kept wanting Maansi to open up and speak up.
But I also loved her,  bless her kind heart.
This is a story that tackles many difficult yet important topics, and does so very well I think.
I would describe it as part brokeback mountain and part east is east.
Maansi and Aryan are two young people, lost within their religion. A marriage is arranged for them and although this is not what Maansi really ever wanted, all things point to it being the best decision.
After uni, Maansi’s life changed rapidly. Getting to know her new husband proves difficult, and uncovering his past feels like torture to her already messed up head.
I felt so bad for her, but although major issues took over most of her life, I believe Maansi was a lot stronger than even she believed.
The last part of the story was mostly Aryans ‘…. I didn’t enjoy these parts too much, not the plot, but just the over detailed descriptions of his school days.
But it ends well, and leaves many questions that I feel is clever for a book like this.
I think Maansi is the true hero of the story.

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What story! Brilliant from page one. A real 90s vibe horror.

When Marnie parties with her oddball friends one night, she ends up being followed into the darkness by a sex pradator who rapes and batters her so hard she can’t even talk.

Marnie knows exactly who to turn to, and his idea of revenge is the beginning of something horrific and nightmarish.

Living deep in the woods are the rumoured Melon Heads… up until now it has been a tale told to scare tje kids around town…. But are Marnie and her friends about to come face to face with these legendary monsters?

Thank you for my copy for reviewing #flametreepress #misfits @

Unhinged… putting the pieces back together.

‘Why do you long..
For the bad seeds that you’ve lost?
They just use your energy
And take away your sunshine….
Iv always loved poetry, but its been a while since I’ve read a full collection like this. Most poetry Iv read has been in the Welsh language, I have one book of welsh poetry that I absolutly love and have read it with my niece many times (although some of them aren’t quite appropriate for a 7 yr old, but fun all the same )… this is one to keep and share with loved ones as it covers so many topics surrounding heartache, romance, lust and grief.  To read this collection of poems as a whole, you really get a sense of love and all its power (the good of it, and the bad) Love has many stages, you fall, you hold on and sometimes you haveto let go.. 鹿.. theres is something quite sad about it as a story of loss becomes apparent throughout the pages. But also, each poem has its own story, and can be read alone and appart from the rest. A lovely piece of writing to keep dipping into. Thank you so much to @lovebookstours for my copy to review. ❤鹿. Unhinged out now @theolenarose 鹿鹿鹿鹿 #blogtour #bookreview #poetry #poem #lovepoetry #bookofpoems #poetrybook #bookreviewer #bookblogger #reading #poem #love #unhinged #lovereading #singlebookshare #saturdayreads

A Little life

 heartbroken
Took me a little time to ponder about this book, to get my thoughts together. To get some kind of normality back into my brain. This story has scooped the happiness out of me,  and has hurt my sensitive heart so much!
For me, this book is about love. Not in the typical way mind! Love can be super cruel, love can turn to hate, love can bring sadness, love can make you blind to the truth. The relationships between the men in this story is a beautiful rare thing. Willem, Jude,  JB and Malcolm are friends with an extra layer! Something Iv not seen in books before. They each have levels of love for one another, and people from outside their circle. Unimaginable scenes will shock and hurt you as you read further into the lives of the 4 men, mostly Jude. Jude is the glue within the circle of friends, but he is also the one they know the least about. As the friends get older, the past is revealed slowly, together they trudge through life, they experience grief, anger, jealousy, and although  very little happiness –  these moments are beautiful and heart warming.
If I wasn’t crying from happy tears, I was crying from pure sadness. My love rests with Harold,  who you need to find out about from reading this book. For me he is the true Hero of the story.
The subjects covered within this is simply horrific, but is done very well by the author. She writes as if this is someone’s actual life, has made it seem so real, that I developed actual feelings for the characters. I found myself worrying about them, praying for them. This book is not for everyone, but anyone who reads it will be completely shattered to pieces. I will always think of all the real life ‘Judes’ out there and a tiny bit of me will always be sad. #alittlelife #hanyayanagihara #bookreview #bookblogger

Homeward Bound

If your looking for a chaotic family drama, this is one not to miss! So many families make out they have the perfect life. Not this family! The story centers around the oldest in family, George who’s 79. And the youngest, Tara whos 18. Their relationship is wonderful, Tara looks up to her gramps and feels she can learn a lot from him. George looks at Tara sndsees what he could of become. Loved their little conversations it seemed somewhat innocent. The further along the story goes, we see deterioration in George’s health. Tara tries to let it pass her as she doesn’t want to know the truth, she can’t lose him now! In addition to these teo characters we also get to delve into Taras’ parents marriage. This is far from perfect also and I must say, I wanted to know more about these two and their rocky affairs. Lovely book with some quirky elements that you would not normaly get in family drama reads. Thank you for my #gifted copy of the book. #bookblogger #bookblog #blogtour @rachaelsrandomrecources

Home is where the heart is. Always. 💜


Shhhhh…. don’t tell anyone I have a blanky at 37 yrs of age 藍… one with bunnies on it at that! It’s like I knew Id need it one day for this photo!…..
This is a quick haunting little read. The story is told from a father who has lost a child, he is broken. He’s so broken that he doesn’t even recognise himself anymore! Living in the house where his darling little baby died isn’t helping him. When he hears a strange dragging noise upstairs where the baby used to sleep, his world of horrors really open up. Nothing is ever the same again. I enjoyed this and could really feel the hairs on the back of my neck in parts. I recommend to all horror fans 100%  #blanky #kealanpatrickburke #horror #horrorbook #horrorcommunity #horrorfan #horrorreads #Bookcommunity #bookworm #darkread #spooky #spookyread #mybooks #review #bookreview 

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