Haven’t they grown. By Sophie Hannah… review..

An enjoyable read! I really do love Sophie Hannah’s style of writing. All the weird goings on around the main characters are always explained in the most creative and bazaar way.
Once again, her ability to create a haunting brain teaser of a story hooked me in from the start.
What happened 12 years ago between Beth and her best friend Flora? Why does Beth feel the need to see their new home out of the blue? But the real question and most baffling…. is why… 12 years later, Beth finaly catches a glimpse of her old friend with her two children Thomas and Emily. Nothing strange in that. BUT.. Thomas and Emily should be teenagers! And what Beth sees, she is sure of it, is the children as she last saw them 12yrs ago, not a day older!
Beth goes on a journey to find out the truth, little does she know how horrible it all turns out to be.
Without spoiling the story, I can only say that this is a story tackling some deep topics. Most of the questions i had whilst reading it were answered by the end – none of which I guessed correctly. But I still have a couple of things that I feel have bot been addressed by the end, or atleast not to my satisfaction! I will always enjoy this authors writing abilities. For me this book didn’t give me chills like some of her other work, but I would still recommend to her fans. 4 stars for keeping me on my toes. #bookreview #thriller #sophiehannah #author

The keeper of lost things


SPOILERS…… I can see why some would enjoy this read. And I can see how some would find it plain silly. Im one of the latter. I could just about cope with the old fashioned romance setting. But when the ghost and the supernatural abilities began to make an appearance it just felt out of place. Too many things annoyed me in the story for me to rate it any higher than 2 stars. For one, poor sunshine (the only character I kind of liked) was portrayed as a quirky character for half the book… then it turns out she has downs syndrome. Why was that not mentioned earlier? It bugged me that Laura felt she hadto hide from her too. So silly! In fact… laura was very childlike for a woman approaching 40!
My main annoyance, is that when Anthony wrote his little stories to accompany to lost objects, they all tuned out to be the exact truth! How did he know?? If he knew so much then why could he not find the owners himself? Or find that pendant that meant so much to him?
At first i thought maybe Laura writes the stories after she meets the owners… that would make sense. But I don’t think thats the case. To ne honest… Im confused by it.
Another thing is… bomber!? Did eunice purposely leave doors open so that he would jump and die?? Or did I read that bit wrong? And did anthony kill himself? Id love to know, because it was written a little bit too flimsy, and serious matters got totaly ignored.
Not my flavour cup of tea. Not even the nice cup of tea (if you read this… you will no doubt roll your eyes at that sentence!!) #bookreview #thekeeperoflostthings #fiction #review


This took me back to the twilight years! And ignited my enjoyment of the young adult genre. LOVED is a story spinned from a series from 10yrs ago that I didn’t read. This didn’t matter at all as I picked up pretty quickly.
I enjoyed the friendships between zoey and her nerd herd, and how they all made that special effort for her ‘birthmas’.
When the story began with a bizarre visitation dream, I wasn’t sure I would like it. But all became clear and the twist involved with that later in the story was a good little turn.
I felt that some dark subjects were tackled effortlessly within the story and suitable for its audience.
I will definitely be looking out for other YA books for future reading as its so good sometimes to switch off into a world where I can be in my own dream bubble and pretend Im a youngish adult!! #headofzeus #bookreview #Loved #youngadult #fiction #vampyre @headofzeus

Roses of Marakesh

A love story told from two eras! This was one of those stories that made me feel warm and hopeful. With the backdrop setting of Marrakesh, it pulled me into its culture and the travel bug inside me peaked it’s interest. Ivy is a character who is easy to love. We see her grow within the pages and fall in love with the man of her dreams. The letters and notebook left in her great aunt rose’ legacy tell us quite another story. The twist in the tale was a heartfelt one and It left me with a lot of love for both women. A lovely story. #review #bookreview #rachelsrandomrecources #rosesofmarrakesh #bookworm #arc #reader #bookblogger #blogger


So… I read my biggest book ever! 1067 pages of pure talent. Yes it was a little dragged out in parts, but theres reasons for it.

#bookreview .
Well I almost want to read this again before reviewing it! So much to take in!  Really feels like iv been living the nightmare with the losers. Before reading IT, I believed I knew the basic story. I didn’t.
So an evil force shows its ugly head every 27yrs in the town of Derry. The story begins in present day (sometime in the 80s) and it begins with a twisted murder down on the canal. Mike Hanlon (one from the Losers club) catches wind of this and fears that the evil that he now knows as pennywise has returned. And IT is killing kids and teens every chance it gets.
Mike deliberates whether to contact the rest of the Losers.. but deep down knows that he must! Now in their late 30’s, all 7 of them appart from mike have moved on and out of Derry, and the horrors of what they witnessed deep down in the sewers have long been wiped from their memories.
Back in the 50s, Mike, Bev, Ben, Bill, Richie, Eddie and Stan are about to live through their worst and most nightmarish summer. IT will tare their lives to pieces, bit will bring them closer together – in so many weird and wonderful ways.
I loved many parts of this book, my highlights being the beginning when the first murder occurs, and the very first encounter with pennywise the clown sent chills down me. Then the phonecalls… although there was a lot of detail within some of these chapters and quite unnecessary- I actualy enjoyed getting the extra info. And found myself going back to them as a reminder of each character.
For me, the scariest parts were at the house on neibolt st, when Eddie comes face to face with the rotting lepper! And when Bev visits  her farther but meets Mrs Kersh instead! I felt the writing in them parts were brilliant and I was put right into the scene and felt my skin crawl.
Im a bit scared to admit.. but…… scarred to admit.. but I liked the character of Henry. Yes, he was a bully and really just awful. But thats all he had ever known. He was damaged from the moment he got into the world and had no hope. Him and the other bullies were well portrayed and Id even like to read a little more about their back stories.
Favorite character Is Bev I think. She stood out for me, and her child like thoughts about all the adult stuff was endearing. Appart from that one bit that I wont get into here. In fact Iv decided it doesn’t happen.
But I can’t leave my review without mentioning Ben. The sweetheart. Brilliant from the 1st page he appears on.
I don’t have a character I didn’t enjoy reading about. Iv seen many talk abouthow annoying Richie is, but he’s lovely and the losers needed him.
So yeah… Iv fallen in love with this book really. I did feel its lengthy pace and some parts really did drag out. But I found out that in these bits, Im likely to find characters from other books lurking… and I love this idea. I can now understand why so many king fans re read his books. And am wondering if I now qualify as a constant reader…. as IT is about 7 books in one right?? Haha.
We all float down here 🎈🎈🎈 #stephenking #IT #horror

A Degree of Uncertaintly by Nicola K Smith

A university town in Cornwall is quickly developing and students seem to be doubling in numbers. The business people in the town are making money and doing well, but for a lot of its residents, there seems to be a general feeling of lost community. Here enters Harry Manchester, an estate agent with a strong opinion! We see Harry fighting a battle that at times feels like a tough one to beat. With people like Dawn Goldberg working against him, this campaign is surely bot going to run smoothe. Harry doesn’t make life easy for himself and not only does he have hiccups and stress at work, but trying to keep his new younger girlfriend hapoy is proving to be just as difficult.
This books concentrates heavily on characters, and it did take me a while to like Harry as a person, but in time I did. I felt like I knew how his mind worked and at times felt like giving him a bit of a nudge.
A modern story tackling very current topics. A great debut novel from Nicola K Smith. Thank you for my arc in exchange for an honest review #rachelsrandomrecources #bookreview #blogger #myreview #bookblogger #amreading #reviewer

New Review… The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton…

I think it’s important to go into this book knowing its going to have witchcraft elements. There’s nothing worse than supernatural when you don’t expect it. So remember this if you pick it up. I was prepared for all the witchy vibes and still, I wanted more. I loved the opening chapter! I got it all… ghosts, a funeral of a man everyone is glad to see the back of, a mysterious narrator! Loved it. The eerie town of Subden brings many a dark surprise in the next 20 or so chapters, young teenagers are going missing, strange lights are spotted beyond the famous Pendle hill and the folk about town are hiding something! It’s Florence ‘s job as a brand new police officer to find out what’s going on.
The story takes place in 1969, the missing teenagers become murdered teenagers and the crime is solved… simple! But its never like that is it… oh no. Not when theres a witchy twist! So in present day Subden, the convicted monster who murdered the teens in the most horrifying way has died. It’s his funeral…. why then, after 30yrs, does Florence feel that something isn’t quite right here? Why does her gut tell her that the ghosts of 30yrs ago are trying to tell her something. Something that could mean that a man has been in prison over half his life for something he didn’t have part in.
I loved the plot, and the start and last bit of the book. Some of the middle part felt too dragged out for me but understand why some of it was written. In our buddy read, we had clear different views on how it ended. I liked it a lot, and I liked the explanation behind it. Sometimes life is mysterious and the answer isn’t black an white 🙂. However, there have been a few blips in some of the story lines that did make me question some chapters, so my rating will come down a little because of those. I love sharon bolton and know this genre isn’t her usual thing. Excited to read more from her. Read this is you like something a little different, something with a bit of kick in it to get your eyeballs rolling in wonder!

Larry’s shed…

How to be perfect… a NOT self help guide 😀

Blog tour stop 
This is a book that will remind you of how social media rules our lives! Or can do anyhow. It opens up some questions about what we do, and what we say we do. Within the story we meet 3 main characters, all women, who struggle to keep up with lifes daily pressures.
Elle seems to have it all, despite an incident that she is known for at the blog awards, she’s still got her hardcore fans on her side.
Francis can’t get enough of Elle and her blogs. She’s desperate to change herself and become the perfect double of Elle.
Abi detests Elle… but she has good reason! Shes been bringing up her two young boys for the last 18months and has had no acknowledgement for it!
We see relationships crumble within the story and the contrast between what is real life and social media.
I liked how we saw different view points from all characters, and How some difficult topics were tackled with a light airy dimension.
What some people will do for a big following is actually pretty scary! A great story for fans of modern lit. Told through blogs, groups whattsapp messages and individual narrative.
Thank you @legendpress for my gifted copy  this is my honest review of #howtobeperfect .
. #review #bookreview #blogtour #books #honestreview #reader #blogger #reviewer #reading #mybooks #legendpress #gifted #arc #hollywainwrite

My first Stephen King book! REVIEW

So here’s the thing, Im a big fan of horror films. With Stephen Kings’ Misery being somewhere in my top 20! Amongst some of his other book to film adaptions. BUT, Iv never read a single book of his. Until now! And Iv been called crazy for making my 1st book The Tommyknockers! I get why… cos you must be a bit crazy to appreciate the loon fest that is this book. I enjoyed the story, yes there were extremely strange bits, but those were my highlights haha. Sometimes the introduction to some characters dragged on, but their individual stories really came to life.
So to cut a 693 page story short… Bobbi and her dog Peter happen upon an object in the ground, not too far from their home. Soon Bobbi becomes obsessed and a little attached to it. She starts to dig around it and soon realises this is something other worldly. Her best friend Gard (who I love as a character) and ex lover comes to town. He joins her in the dig despite having reservations. As each day passes, the object becomes more of presence. The effect it has on Bobbi, peter and Gard is at first, discreet. But soon, the whole town of Haven begin to feel changed within themselves. Its not long before they become something entirely different to themselves. I particularly enjoyed Ruth Mclauslands’ experience and the story with her dolls. When Jesus spoke to Becka Paulson was another bazaar but great bit of writing! I was most unprepared for the tentacles… But I won’t get into that! Id like to know more about how all that worked but guess I’l never know 😂. Iv read about a lot of deaths in various books, but Iv never read anything that came close to the scene with the coke machine. Loved this book, kept me entertained! The best bits for me was the individual stories for each resident of Haven. Gard and Bobbi kept the story together, and their fate was nicely written. #stephenking #thetommyknockers #bookreview #horrorreads #horror

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