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Squeaky Clean, by Callum Mcsorley.

First of all, this book is written so very well , it’s not an easy task making a crime thriller funny!
Don’t get me wrong, there’s violence and tragedy and all the things you expect in a crime thriller, but somehow, the author manages to bring out the giggles from within haha.

‘…less than silence – the sound of five pairs of buttocks clenching tight…’ 

This is fast and furiously fun story, set mostly in a car wash, in the backstreets of Glasgow.

Working in the car wash is a group of loveable misfits who go about their days dodging the law and causing havoc. Davey is one of these men, and it’s not long until he finds himself involved in something he really doesn’t need to be! How on earth has he been mixed up in this criminal underground!? Enter our female detective DI Ally MCcoist !

‘…wit’s the matter wae ye?” Sean asked. “Yer rattlin like skeletons shaggin in a biscuit tin”…’

Ally is a brilliant character, juggling her way through family life and career goals, this case is her making! Or is it!?

The first in a series, I can see DI MCcoist becoming a favorite detective for crime thriller lovers, watch this space.

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Squeaky Clean, publication day 2/3/23

Finding Ruby


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Really enjoyable read.

My review:

Talk about plots getting deeper! This one just kept giving.
This was such a well thought out story, there were mysterious  connections and culprits in every corner.
I enjoyed the first half a little more than the end chapters, just because I preferred the ‘not quite knowing what’s going on’.
I would call this something inbetween nightmare on elm street and quantum leap! (You haveto read it to see what I mean)

Well written characters, with a reveal towards the end that got me going back to read some early pages.
Read this, but beware of the nightmares!

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Other People’s Lives

Today is my turn to share my thoughts on this psychological thriller ‘Other People’s Lives’

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So this totaly did it’s job. It began with a letter from a wife to her husband.
As I read on, I began to see that all wasn’t as it seemed.
Sophie was writing to her husband Jack but was keeping the letters as he has been missing for 7 months.

The really intriguing parts were the other POV – where we got to hear the thoughts of Sophies’  psychiatrist Dr Thacker. This really pulled me in and tricked my mind, which is what a book of this genre needs to do. So top marks for that.

The revelation at the end was good, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all, and although fairy unrealistic, the overall vibe of the story came together and delivered.

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Rainbows End


What stood out the most for me in this story was the message behind it. I really did finish it with a satisfactory sigh.
It took me a while to get used to Glanna the main character, she is quite different from the previous two characters we follow in book 1 and 2.
By page 100 though, I loved her so much, and was hoping for a good conclusion to her story.
Ferry lane market has that magical vibe, it captures a sense of a small community but with big dramas and personalities.
I loved the art references being a bit arty myself!
A perfect book to end a series too. Just lovely!

Thank you @rachelsrandomresources for having me on this book tour  @author_nicola 

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The Hiding Place

*my stop on the blog tour for The Hiding Place’*

The Hiding Place is an emotional tale of love, hate, secrets and most of all, identity.
Marina is on a mission to find out where she came from and why she was abandoned as a baby in an unlikely shared house back in the 1960s.
This is a mystery, a family drama, a story that will touch many hearts.
What it isn’t is a thriller, but would probably be a good place to start if your looking to ease into the genre.
I enjoyed the writing, and the descriptive language used for the colourful characters.
With many voices coming though each chapter, I felt I was given a wholesome account of this story that was a tangle of lies deception and big secrets.

Thank you @lovebookstours for my copy to review 

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Two scoops not three

This is a story of friendship, and what can go wrong when one goes against the other’s values.
It does focus more on Natalies’ story, and her two best friends Lauren and briony struggles to understand her decisions.
I interpreted the title as saying how ‘having it all’ is not always the best result. Sometimes, the basics of life such as love and security is all you need to truly be happy.
I liked Briony as a character and would have liked to read on to see where her story goes.
There is more to this story than first impressions, I would have liked a more in depth understanding of Natalies thoughts and reasonings.
Easy to read but was sometimes lost in the direction it was taking me.

Starry skies at ferry lane market

Loved it! Even more than book 1.
Now this quickly becomes such a comfortable read, like when you put your most cosy pyjamas on.
Such a gorgeous bunch of characters, all making me want to visit the stunning Cornwall all over again.

While book 1 focused on Kara Moon and her flower market stall, book 2 focuses on her best friend Star Bligh and her jewellery stall. Amongst other drama in their lives!

This is a book to enjoy and forget about your daily worries, don’t go in expecting twists that shock you. Although I felt like I knew what was coming, there was one little revelation that I didn’t see coming, and it brought a tear to my eyes I must say.

Some important topics are raised here, all very subtle, but clear and heartfelt all the same.

I loved how Star’s story tied in with the magic of Christmas. It really cheered me up, despite some sad moments. Warm, funny, and very satisfying.

‘Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love can get lost’ ❤

When Then Becomes now

This is my favorite so far! Now that was a ride and a half (take that as you wish )
I’v been lucky to receive 4 books by this Author now and I feel so grateful to be introduced to such a fun genre like this.
I love how the author brings her characters to life, they feel so real and by the end of her books, you do feel like you have new friends!
I really like Alex Molloy A LOT. He’s my favorite character out of all of all 4 books I’v read. Parents and teachers was brilliant, and was my favorite until Alex turns up with his sexy tattooed back 

This story has depth and that little bit more grit than her other works. I really loved how past and present merged together and never had a books ‘ title been so appropriate.

I’d love to learn more about Jeremy If I’m honest, I’d like to see him in future books because I think there’s a good guy in him somehwere.

Swipe to see my lovely collection 
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The Restoration

Oh this one was straight in the with the ghoulish action!
Sometimes with Horror, the action is best on screen  and the build up of scary suspence is better in the book. BUT… here it works really well.
The way the supernatural is introduced is so matter of fact, that I experienced some nervous giggles! I was like.. Oh bloody hell… That’s happening.
I think when kids are involved in haunted house stories  or in any horror really, it’s just always that extra bit eerier.

I enjoyed this one, I liked that feeling of ‘oh god what’s coming around that corner next’ (usually a ghost or two)
And Miles! What a character!

The action didn’t stop, you know when watching a film when you’ve got a cushion over half hour face… will it was like that, but at the same time, I didn’t want to miss a word of it. The Ouji board scene was very well done.

A top read for Halloween!

The Girl in The Maze

Three women. Three generations. And a whole lot of emotions.
This is a book that will shock, disturb and unsettle you.
On one hand, there’s a beauty to it, but wipe away the surface and there lies the ugliness of a raw and  flawed relationship between mother and daughter.

I was taken to a dark place right form page one. It begins with a blunt, desperate situation where we see young Betty clawing her way out of deep trouble. Or trying to anyway.

The Girl In The Maze is a painting created by Emma’s late mother, Margaret, and I think this is a fantastic undercurrent to run through the story as these women often find themselves in dead end situations and somewhat lost.

Betty, Margaret and Emma all share the same blood. But not until Margaret passes, does the truth of what happened back in the days when she painted the Maze, come out. The truth isn’t pretty. It’s vile. I was rooting for these women but was also frustrated at their tolerance.

A really honest, heart breaking, dark story that felt like it came straight from the heart.
I coped with it, many will need those trigger warnings.

Thank you @agorabooksldn for my stunning copy to review. @cathy_hayward_writer#bookishthoughts #book #bookreview #bookworm #lovereading