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Squeaky Clean, by Callum Mcsorley.

First of all, this book is written so very well , it’s not an easy task making a crime thriller funny!
Don’t get me wrong, there’s violence and tragedy and all the things you expect in a crime thriller, but somehow, the author manages to bring out the giggles from within haha.

‘…less than silence – the sound of five pairs of buttocks clenching tight…’ 

This is fast and furiously fun story, set mostly in a car wash, in the backstreets of Glasgow.

Working in the car wash is a group of loveable misfits who go about their days dodging the law and causing havoc. Davey is one of these men, and it’s not long until he finds himself involved in something he really doesn’t need to be! How on earth has he been mixed up in this criminal underground!? Enter our female detective DI Ally MCcoist !

‘…wit’s the matter wae ye?” Sean asked. “Yer rattlin like skeletons shaggin in a biscuit tin”…’

Ally is a brilliant character, juggling her way through family life and career goals, this case is her making! Or is it!?

The first in a series, I can see DI MCcoist becoming a favorite detective for crime thriller lovers, watch this space.

Thank you Kate at #pushkinpress for my uncorrected proof for review. #squeakyclean #crimethriller

Squeaky Clean, publication day 2/3/23

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