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How to be perfect… a NOT self help guide πŸ˜€

Blog tour stop ο˜€ο˜€ο˜€ο˜€ο‘‡
This is a book that will remind you of how social media rules our lives! Or can do anyhow. It opens up some questions about what we do, and what we say we do. Within the story we meet 3 main characters, all women, who struggle to keep up with lifes daily pressures.
Elle seems to have it all, despite an incident that she is known for at the blog awards, she’s still got her hardcore fans on her side.
Francis can’t get enough of Elle and her blogs. She’s desperate to change herself and become the perfect double of Elle.
Abi detests Elle… but she has good reason! Shes been bringing up her two young boys for the last 18months and has had no acknowledgement for it!
We see relationships crumble within the story and the contrast between what is real life and social media.
I liked how we saw different view points from all characters, and How some difficult topics were tackled with a light airy dimension.
What some people will do for a big following is actually pretty scary! A great story for fans of modern lit. Told through blogs, groups whattsapp messages and individual narrative.
Thank you @legendpress for my gifted copy ο™‚ο™‚ this is my honest review of #howtobeperfect .
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My first Stephen King book! REVIEW

So here’s the thing, Im a big fan of horror films. With Stephen Kings’ Misery being somewhere in my top 20! Amongst some of his other book to film adaptions. BUT, Iv never read a single book of his. Until now! And Iv been called crazy for making my 1st book The Tommyknockers! I get why… cos you must be a bit crazy to appreciate the loon fest that is this book. I enjoyed the story, yes there were extremely strange bits, but those were my highlights haha. Sometimes the introduction to some characters dragged on, but their individual stories really came to life.
So to cut a 693 page story short… Bobbi and her dog Peter happen upon an object in the ground, not too far from their home. Soon Bobbi becomes obsessed and a little attached to it. She starts to dig around it and soon realises this is something other worldly. Her best friend Gard (who I love as a character) and ex lover comes to town. He joins her in the dig despite having reservations. As each day passes, the object becomes more of presence. The effect it has on Bobbi, peter and Gard is at first, discreet. But soon, the whole town of Haven begin to feel changed within themselves. Its not long before they become something entirely different to themselves. I particularly enjoyed Ruth Mclauslands’ experience and the story with her dolls. When Jesus spoke to Becka Paulson was another bazaar but great bit of writing! I was most unprepared for the tentacles… But I won’t get into that! Id like to know more about how all that worked but guess I’l never know πŸ˜‚. Iv read about a lot of deaths in various books, but Iv never read anything that came close to the scene with the coke machine. Loved this book, kept me entertained! The best bits for me was the individual stories for each resident of Haven. Gard and Bobbi kept the story together, and their fate was nicely written. #stephenking #thetommyknockers #bookreview #horrorreads #horror

Through The Wall

REVIEW… #ThroughTheWall .
This was a mix of big topics that I wasn’t expecting! Here we get, abusive relationships, fertility issues, stalking, loneliness… and the list goes on. It begins quite light humoured so when the reality reveals itself, its a smack in the face!
Two women, similar lives, each wanting what they don’t have! One just wants a happy ending, the other wants total control. Meet Lexie and Harriet… neither are what they seem. Thank you @avon_books for my gifted #arc ☺ #avonbooks #publishers #review #reviewer #bookreview #booknerd #lovebooks #chapters #amreading #mybooks #thriller #fiction #psychological

My stop on the review tour for #thephotographerofthelost is today.

This will transport you to a time we won’t ever quite understand. A period of darkness that not one of us living today, thankfully will ever experience.
Told in the period between 1916 and 1921, we get two perspectives. Harry and Edie. Both searching for a man or at very least his gravestone.
Harry was one of three brothers. He is looking for his older brother Francis. Missing, presumed killed.
Edie needs closure, and feels it in her bones that her husband Francis is still alive.
The war is over, and Edie has never given up hope that Francis is somewhere… after all… he cant just be nowhere!? She receives an envelope in the mail, containing just one photograph. This is an image of Francis, and she cant help but see an older version of who he was when she saw him 3 years ago. The last time. Does this mean hes alive? Did he send this photo to her?
Harry has a duty, and that is to help grieving families of soldiers who never returned home. He travels around France capturing their final resting place to help give their loved ones some solace. Now he has the saddest duty of all, and that is to find the final resting place of Francis, or indeed Francis himself!
Both Harry and Edie set out on seperate journeys, until finaly coming to that last chapter where it all becomes clear what they have always, deep down, known.
A realistic and raw account of a period of complete terror. My own father was a war baby (WW2) and always drums into my head how stories told from the great wars are romanticized… such as the pearl harbour movie. But what this story focused on… although there was a hint of an underlying love story, was the dreadful picture of the aftermath of a nightmare stamp in our history.
One of those books I will keep and look into every now and again, if only for the important reminder of what our men gave up for us over a century ago. #darkroomtours #historicfiction #bookreview

Today Id like to introduce some of my red cover books! Some have been read, some are waiting patiently on my shelf. QOTD? Do we judge a book by it’s cover ? ….. I most certainly do! I think it plays a big part in the feel of a story. Im a sucker for a red cover πŸŽˆπŸ™‚.

Some from my TBR… very apptly centered inside an umbrella! Wet winter is coming…. πŸ“šβ˜”

Dear #bookworms alike, this is brand new to me and already am excited to share my funny little thoughts. Im RhiRhiReader – first of my name. My aim is: I have no aim. I want to share my raw thoughts, and all my reads – the good, the bad and the god awful ugly. #bookblogging