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The Girl in The Maze

Three women. Three generations. And a whole lot of emotions.
This is a book that will shock, disturb and unsettle you.
On one hand, there’s a beauty to it, but wipe away the surface and there lies the ugliness of a raw and  flawed relationship between mother and daughter.

I was taken to a dark place right form page one. It begins with a blunt, desperate situation where we see young Betty clawing her way out of deep trouble. Or trying to anyway.

The Girl In The Maze is a painting created by Emma’s late mother, Margaret, and I think this is a fantastic undercurrent to run through the story as these women often find themselves in dead end situations and somewhat lost.

Betty, Margaret and Emma all share the same blood. But not until Margaret passes, does the truth of what happened back in the days when she painted the Maze, come out. The truth isn’t pretty. It’s vile. I was rooting for these women but was also frustrated at their tolerance.

A really honest, heart breaking, dark story that felt like it came straight from the heart.
I coped with it, many will need those trigger warnings.

Thank you @agorabooksldn for my stunning copy to review. @cathy_hayward_writer#bookishthoughts #book #bookreview #bookworm #lovereading


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Welsh born, Welsh speaker, Welsh thinker - blogging about books in English! so excuse the mistakes from time to time. Here you will find my very open thoughts on a mixed genre of books.

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