Today Id like to introduce some of my red cover books! Some have been read, some are waiting patiently on my shelf. QOTD? Do we judge a book by it’s cover ? ….. I most certainly do! I think it plays a big part in the feel of a story. Im a sucker for a red cover 🎈🙂.

View this post on Instagram This was fun!😉 day 6 of #lifeisathrillathon and today of all days was a rainbow book stack day! With no rainbows in sight and only rain…. I thought Id use my brolly (with rainbow dots) as a prop!🙂 I have hadto use a few non thriller books to make itContinue reading

Dear #bookworms alike, this is brand new to me and already am excited to share my funny little thoughts. Im RhiRhiReader – first of my name. My aim is: I have no aim. I want to share my raw thoughts, and all my reads – the good, the bad and the god awful ugly. #bookblogging

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