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How to be perfect… a NOT self help guide πŸ˜€

Blog tour stop ο˜€ο˜€ο˜€ο˜€ο‘‡This is a book that will remind you of how social media rules our lives! Or can do anyhow. It opens up some questions about what we do, and what we say we do. Within the story we meet 3 main characters, all women, who struggle to keep up with lifes dailyContinue reading “How to be perfect… a NOT self help guide πŸ˜€”

My first Stephen King book! REVIEW

So here’s the thing, Im a big fan of horror films. With Stephen Kings’ Misery being somewhere in my top 20! Amongst some of his other book to film adaptions. BUT, Iv never read a single book of his. Until now! And Iv been called crazy for making my 1st book The Tommyknockers! I getContinue reading “My first Stephen King book! REVIEW”

My stop on the review tour for #thephotographerofthelost is today.

This will transport you to a time we won’t ever quite understand. A period of darkness that not one of us living today, thankfully will ever experience. Told in the period between 1916 and 1921, we get two perspectives. Harry and Edie. Both searching for a man or at very least his gravestone. Harry wasContinue reading “My stop on the review tour for #thephotographerofthelost is today.”

Today Id like to introduce some of my red cover books! Some have been read, some are waiting patiently on my shelf. QOTD? Do we judge a book by it’s cover ? ….. I most certainly do! I think it plays a big part in the feel of a story. Im a sucker for a red cover πŸŽˆπŸ™‚.

View this post on Instagram This was fun!πŸ˜‰ day 6 of #lifeisathrillathon and today of all days was a rainbow book stack day! With no rainbows in sight and only rain…. I thought Id use my brolly (with rainbow dots) as a prop!πŸ™‚ I have hadto use a few non thriller books to make itContinue reading

Dear #bookworms alike, this is brand new to me and already am excited to share my funny little thoughts. Im RhiRhiReader – first of my name. My aim is: I have no aim. I want to share my raw thoughts, and all my reads – the good, the bad and the god awful ugly. #bookblogging