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A Little life

 heartbroken
Took me a little time to ponder about this book, to get my thoughts together. To get some kind of normality back into my brain. This story has scooped the happiness out of me,  and has hurt my sensitive heart so much!
For me, this book is about love. Not in the typical way mind! Love can be super cruel, love can turn to hate, love can bring sadness, love can make you blind to the truth. The relationships between the men in this story is a beautiful rare thing. Willem, Jude,  JB and Malcolm are friends with an extra layer! Something Iv not seen in books before. They each have levels of love for one another, and people from outside their circle. Unimaginable scenes will shock and hurt you as you read further into the lives of the 4 men, mostly Jude. Jude is the glue within the circle of friends, but he is also the one they know the least about. As the friends get older, the past is revealed slowly, together they trudge through life, they experience grief, anger, jealousy, and although  very little happiness –  these moments are beautiful and heart warming.
If I wasn’t crying from happy tears, I was crying from pure sadness. My love rests with Harold,  who you need to find out about from reading this book. For me he is the true Hero of the story.
The subjects covered within this is simply horrific, but is done very well by the author. She writes as if this is someone’s actual life, has made it seem so real, that I developed actual feelings for the characters. I found myself worrying about them, praying for them. This book is not for everyone, but anyone who reads it will be completely shattered to pieces. I will always think of all the real life ‘Judes’ out there and a tiny bit of me will always be sad. #alittlelife #hanyayanagihara #bookreview #bookblogger


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Welsh born, Welsh speaker, Welsh thinker - blogging about books in English! so excuse the mistakes from time to time. Here you will find my very open thoughts on a mixed genre of books.

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