The Spirit Engineer

Yikes, never has a dedication chilled me to the bone as did this one;

‘Dedicated to William, Kathleen and Elizabeth. I’ll forever be haunted by your story’….

And that was before the book even began!

From page one, our main character William Jackson Crawford, is portrayed as a flawed, deeply sad individual. Desperate, in everything he says, does and thinks.

We think we know how the story ends.

We are lured, into the world of séances, half wanting Kathleen to be the proof of the pudding – to read something that gives us those beliefs that most of us crave, that speaking to the dead, our loved ones passed, is truly possible.

Our other more sceptic selves, will nit pic the scenes. Will tend to agree with William and look for signs like his shadow and side kick.

Whichever mindset you take, breathe in this ride down the uneasy lane of ghoulish happenings. Embrace the menacing voices, the dark atmosphere and be ready for a fear you never knew was lurking inside you.

So many things I enjoyed about this gothic horror. I think the main pull is that it’s based on a true account, and real people. The added extras were Devine and I like to think it’s exactly how it happened 

‘The attic was split by an invisible force which struck at me from every unseen wall as though we had  been dropped into a tank of broiling, electrified water.’

With stunning sentences that had both classic and humour vibes, just kept giving and I could have read another 100 pages easily.

The Spirit Engineer is a one off.
It’s more than reading,  it’s an experience that will cause you to look behind you, to question those hidden shadows.

Loved the whole package that came with this, the interaction with @ajwestauthor and @instabooktours and all the other bloggers was amazing.  Thank you for letting me be one of your early readers ❤

I dare you to read it

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