The Orchard Girls

With a slow build up, my interest started about 150 pages in, and this is where it gets to the real grit of the story.
Introduced within 2 timelines, Violets story begins as a young land girl during WW2 where she lives and works under a fake ID just to escape her sharp tongued mother and the scary blitz back home in London.
Violet learns so much during her time working, it is certainly not all fun and games like those films make us believe.
A cast of wonderful strong females come together, and through difficult and cruel times, they find love in eachother, friendship and understanding.
It’s not long before Violets wild side is explored, and ends up being tangled in something complicated that even she can’t handle more of.
Meanwhile in present day 2004 – violet and her granddaughter Frankie struggle to rekindle their relationship.
I don’t feel the book necessarily needed a dual voice, loved Violets story and much preferred the 1940s chapters.
Some thrilling scenes, dramatic in all the right places, really worth reading for fans of WW2 based fiction.

Thank you @rachelsrandomresources  for my copy to review 

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Welsh born, Welsh speaker, Welsh thinker - blogging about books in English! so excuse the mistakes from time to time. Here you will find my very open thoughts on a mixed genre of books.

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