August’s Eyes

Wow, this was real dark material! Not once did the author hold back.
As a fan of horror films, this book really gave me the skin crawling sensation that I have been craving! It’s been so long since a real horror like this has come along.
With strong similarities to A Nightmare On Elm Street, I was  in my element as Freddie is my favorite creep!

Johnny Colby is our guy in this story of dark nostalgic themes. He saw something when he was a kid that he burried deep in his mind. Now an adult, and things are creeping back into his dreams  and spilling out into his real life. Is it possible that the monsters who haunt him in his sleep, talk to him while he’s awake too?

Some fantastic descriptions that made me gasp in actual horror. The chapters from the 1990s got my hair standing on end and a little bit of vomit stuck in my throat- but in the best of ways 

I can’t leave this review without saying how very like ‘Stephen King’ this whole journey was to me. He even gets a mention in the story. Between pennywise in IT and Freddie Cruegar like characters , my inner horror addiction awakened and am now looking into reading more from this author.

Thank you so much @annecater14 for organising this tour @randomthingstours @flametreepress and for my #gifted copy to review. LOVED it!

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Welsh born, Welsh speaker, Welsh thinker - blogging about books in English! so excuse the mistakes from time to time. Here you will find my very open thoughts on a mixed genre of books.

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