The Lies We Tell

Review 朗

I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would. I think, once I had it in my head it wasn’t a hard core thriller, and more of a domestic family drama kinda thing – it made the whole experience more enjoyable personally.

The crime that is committed right at the beginning is a kind of focus, but I really liked the engagement between the two main characters Tom and Sarah more.

The dynamic between this married couple is so odd, yet alluring to read about.
We get such a clear vision of their strange married life and how they came as one.

Their relationship poses many questions, but the major one is ‘what happens if you marry the wrong person?’
I feel there are many many signs that these two should not be together – but then again, just because things go wrong, and end up very different at the end, are they the  wrong person for you? Or have they added that little ‘extra’ into your life in the long run?

I really invested into these thoughts and could disect them for hours.

But back to the main plot, and how a parent would do anything to protect their child who commits a crime. What if both parents dont agree on what’s best?

I saw this as a much deeper story than the  first impressions I got from the ‘look’ and blurb of the book.

Four stars for me 朗朗朗朗

Thank you @vikingbooksuk @adventureswithwords for my review copy. I will read more from this Author. 

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