City Of Margins

If Tarantino wrote books…. this is what you would get! Im a sucker for a gangsta movie! And with pulp fiction being up there as one of my faves, I got those same vibes from City Of Margins.
I was also hooked on the Sopranos recently and It really helped with some of the language used in this book.

The first part concentrates on intriduction to the many characters. They all live in Brooklyn New York and at girdt it seems they have no connection. Soon though, it becomes apparent that what brings them together is crime  grief and violent pasts.

I loved Ava Bifulco, I thought she was the only character who showed genuine feelings. Falling fo Don Parascando was probably the last thing she needed, but it gave us the grit of this story and an insight into his character as well as Ava’s.

Enjoyed the quick sharp story telling here. I was right there with them, as even doing the ‘accents’. This is one world Id love to delve deeper into. I’m so intrigued by the lives of these people.

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Welsh born, Welsh speaker, Welsh thinker - blogging about books in English! so excuse the mistakes from time to time. Here you will find my very open thoughts on a mixed genre of books.

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